Introducing So You Think Your Kid’s Got Talent the podcast!

Tune in as I share my reasons for creating this podcast. I believe every parent should be empowered with knowledge when entering the industry.. if you have a child who shows interest in being on TV, in films or on the big stage you are in for a treat!


I created this podcast to take out the guess work and so I no longer hear “I don’t have a clue what I’m doing” that stops now! No more scams, no more bad advice, no more paying out for unnecessary stuff. I want this podcast to be a resource for all parents around to world and take you from no clue to cleared up! No matter where you are on your journey of show business there is always something to learn and there is always someone willing to teach it to you. Well I’ve brought those experts and those with lived experiences right here.

I’ll be revealing the backstage stuff… the stuff no-one tells you and you are often left to work out for yourself usually after being burnt, or wasting time or money. So if you want inspiring interviews from those who know the industry best look no further! I got you!

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